Web Developer & Digital Consultant Marketer


Web Development & Support

From the simple one-page websites to WordPress sites, from a basic shopping cart to an advance Magento e-commerce solution – custom made website apps are my jam.

With over a decade worth of experience and striving to be honest, I will openly give you the right solutions for your needs.

Work & dash is not my style. Support can be available to ensure your solution is maintained with the latest updates and freshest ideas that you come up with.

If you have a need, an idea, or a desire to create, then coffee is on me.

Digital Marketing & Consultation

Having a website won’t take you far if no one knows you exist. That is why digital marketing is important and it needs to be done right to ensure high ROI.

Unlike other freelancers, I have years of experience within the Sales Industry, managing and marketing commerce stores. There is finesse required to market to the right audience and how it is marketed. There is more to branding than just creating a logo and a few pictures.

I won’t be charging you £££s for just posting on your twitter account; I will be stuck in the nitty gritty data of what is trending in your industry to ensure your efforts are worth your while.

I’ll offer advice on how to produce the right content for the right audience, whether it is B2C or B2B. My approach is to be as hands on and off as you like to ensure you get up and running and learning.

Crafted with Love & Professionalism

Web development is my passion, I take great pride and joy in the things I create and always ensure what I produce is something that I can be proud of.

Regularly commended on for my communication, organisation (love of my spreadsheets), attention to detail, time keeping and over delivering.

Loving your project is important to me, because I love this job.

The Toolkit

As a specialist in backend development, my experience allows me to develop custom & powerful websites from simple blogging and CMS systems to Issue Tracking and Integrated Stock Control Systems.

I love projects that call for custom development. However, I won’t waste time when an off-the-shelf solution (that can be customised) will perform a better job at the fraction of cost and time.

The need to pursue new knowledge is important for a developer to remain relevant. For me, this involves keeping my skills honed with the latest front-end as well as backend techniques and systems.

PHP, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL, MVC. OOP, CodeIgniter

PHP language is a core part of me. It powers nearly every single website on the web and is a vital tool as a developer. Knowing PHP is not enough unless you know how to use it correctly to ensure performance and security is maintained.

Though Javascript is a frontend language, over the years, it has been blurring the lines between the front and backend of a website to allow for highly flexible and dynamic UI’s which users love.

Magento, Shopify, WordPress WooCommerce, EKM Powershop

Finding the right solution is important. If you are selling one or two items and expect low traffic, don’t use Magento. If you have 1000s of products, don’t use WordPress. If you want to ensure dedicated performance and support, Shopify is perfect.

The right solution is important to ensure customers can use and find the products on sale as well as ensuring you can maximise sales at the right cost.

HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX

Design of your website or solution is important. Users tend to abandon sites within seconds if they are poorly designed or have bad mobile experiences.

User experience could be dampened with too many flashy animations too. A design of a website is more than just having something look pretty. Every element of the page must have a purpose and meaning to the end-user.

Not everything needs to be ‘above the fold’.

Company Image, Customer Perception

Branding is not just having a pretty logo. Branding is the core part of how the outside world views you. Brand overlaps advertising, however, how you sell yourself, your brand or your product is a delicate, mindful process.

Different companies and industries require different forms of branding and advertising to ensure high ROI.

Selling Techniques, Reviews, Trends, Imagery, Videography, Audience Profiling & Targeting

The right form of marketing is important. A local landscaper would brand himself on a personal level on personal and local networks where as a manufacturing company will be branding their company, philosophy and ethics to the wider nation and world.

A local landscaper will not gain a high ROI by spending £££s on a video advertisement whereas the large manufacturing company will.

However a video must be targeted to the right audience and right platform to work. The answer is not always in black & white.

Google, Webmaster Tools, Local Business Search, Strategy, Keywords

SEO takes place on and off a website. Content is king and so On Page content must be relevant & targeted correctly as well be readable & shareable.

What is equally important is Off Page SEO. For a shopping site, customer and product reviews are highly recommended.

SEO is a dark art and no one can promise you Page 1. However, content is fundamental.

Network Audience Targeting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

You will be less likely be heard if you are shouting. Only sharing your products & asking people to buy is like shouting.

Posting the wrong type of content to the wrong social network won’t work either.

Being a competent social media manager is to ensure you are being heard. Relatable. human, relevant and quirky are some of the best characteristics to have when marketing your identity. It is 95% being social. 5% selling.

Google Adwords, Keyword Targeting & Planning

It’s very easy to spend ££££s on PPC in the matter of hours. Way too easy. This would be fine if the ROI would be higher if this happened.

PPC is not a system where you create an advert and insert every keyword under the sun. Like SEO, PPC is a delicate service that needs to be monitored & updated frequently to ensure every penny you spend results in valid and interested prospected customers.

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Data Analysis & Report, User Page Tracking, Website Trends, Social Media Trends

Analytics is an often forgot task when developing a new website or service. Without analytics, we would not know where we are exceeding and failing.

Analysing data helps us improve what we have an offer and even to predict traffic to ensure we provide the best content to customer. To ensure a sale is not missed.

Who am I really?

The web is a large part of my soul. Web development is my passion, my calling. From the age of 15, I have been in the industry for over ten years and have gained experience in a vast amount of skills, including programming, design, sales and digital marketing.

An online presence is more than just having a website and as the internet continues to evolve, I am eagerly researching and improving my skills.

Till they develop an A.I. to replace me that is.

I am happily married, live in Keynsham and newly converted to coffee (and loving it). I have two wonderful dogs and leading a slow, yet meaningful life while being semi-active. Still waiting for someone to go rock-climbing with!