Re-Launch & Improve Sales With A Consultation – Receive Personal Advice For Only £100

Be analysed by a web developer, marketer & salesman with 15 years of experience.

It could be time to rethink your online strategy if sales are just not coming in. However, to improve your digital presence, you need someone looking from the outside-in to avoid bias and the blinder effect. But, hiring an agency to help is costly. For a fraction of the cost, I can analysis your business and competitors and then have a one on one chat to provide my cost-effective solutions.

The answer is not black and white, and it does not end with having to spend money on Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.

What Will You Receive In Your Consultation?

  • Receive personalised advice via a phone call or video call
  • Review of your website to see improvements where needed for both SEO and usability
  • Examination of the marketing challenges you’re currently facing
  • Ascertain whether Inbound marketing could work for your business
  • Research into your industry, market & competitors
  • Explore options to effectively improve your marketing strategy
  • Answer any additional questions you may have

Why Pay £100 When Other Agencies Will Consult With You For Free?

They Gather Limited Intelligence

They Gather Limited Intelligence

Agencies will only be able to gather information within a single meeting.

They are unable to plan ahead and research your business, competitors and the market to offer viable advice and solutions.

They Won't Give The Answers

They Won't Give The Answers

Though the agency may have the answers to your problems, they will only provide you with a limited and generic solution.

They are offering a free consultation to win you over as a client.

They Are Sale Focused

They Are Sale Focused

The agency’s goal is to win a sale. It is important they do not give you the solutions to your problems.

I won’t be limited to the single session. I will be planning & researching your business to offer real-world advice to improve your business.

Ready To Re-Launch?

Book Consultation

Any information to about your business, your struggles, your current marketing efforts and who your competitors are will allow me to perform the research required to ensure the one-hour consultation is used effectively.

Once your message has been received, several questions will be emailed across for you to answer along with a booking schedule to book an appointment (I require at least 5 business days from receipt of payment and information on my questions to perform the required research). Once confirmed, an invoice will be provided which needs to be paid prior to the consultation.